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Adjusting Attitudes is a scientific-based turnkey communication system that addresses the emotional journey of chiropractic. It is a never-before-seen patient education tool that increases your retention, dramatically boosts your new patient and wellness conversions, and the number of qualified referrals you get every month. It is easy and efficient to run with any system and you can get set up in minutes. Adjusting Attitudes is the only marketing and retention tool of its kind.

 It is a 40-video-based curriculum approach that your patients receive by email. You enter the patient’s email on the first visit, set the frequency you want them to receive the videos, and watch your practice grow. You can also make changes to the frequency as the patient progresses through your care. A reporting section will let you know which patients are keeping up and which patients are behind. 

 Please take time to view our various bundles that will surely meet your individual needs. Our options range in price. They go from a simple turnkey system to a complete custom package with you in front of the
camera. Make sure to view our impressive product demo video and testimonials. 


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From an easy turnkey system, to you in front of the camera …
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Please take a look at what people are saying about Adjusting Attitudes and its impact.

“I’ve been searching for years for the ultimate education and retention tool for my patients.  I tried the 12 pamphlet handout  system…but we could not stay consistent.  We tried the t.v. monitors, but this was incongruent for patients on different schedules.  I knew it had to be electronic, easy to implement and totally automated.  When Dr. Roach showed me his new “Adjusting Attitudes” program, I immediately knew this was the system to revolutionize the Chiropractic industry.  I implemented it into my practice and got raving reviews from my patients.  A continuous drip education to help my patients get the big idea, refer others and stay on lifetime wellness care.  Thank-you Dr. Clayton for taking the time and energy to produce such an award winning game changer!”

Dr. Mike Reid - Chiropractic Maters International
Chiropractor, Coach and International Speaker