The #1 Converting Tool You Need On Your Home Page!

Dr. Mike Reid has thought me that there are many things you need on your website in order to have high conversions. What's the use of having a website people bounce off as quick as they come on? On our home page sits an intro video that not only educates but creates emotion. 

This short video allows potential patients to get to know me so they feel comfortable coming in. Once you watch this video, let me know what you think and if it would allow you to feel comfortable booking an appointment. Our conversions have been through the roof. We now know that if someone pops on our website, there is a good chance we are getting at least their email, and more than likely a new patient.

Here is the link...and yes it should be on auto play. Don't assume patients know where to find the play button or that they will actually click on it.

Access my clinic's website here! Feel free to mimic my video or ask me any questions!



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