4 Thing To Do With Patients Every Visit!

Sometimes we tend to complicate things and make things more difficult than what they really are. When it comes to a regular patient visit, what do you tell them? What do they expect you to tell them? We need have an impactful conversation that will influence the patient to continue to move forward in their care. We have little time and our message must be authentic and congruent to what our heart and minds value.

For this blog, I decided to use great content I received from one of the greats in our profession, Dr. Danny Drubin during a seminar I attended. His approach or dialog every visit is very simple:

  1. Tell them what you found
  2. Tell them what you will do about it
  3. What will happen as a result of the adjustment
  4. Benefit of the next visit.

Most of the time, there is brilliance in simplistic routines and rhythms, done repeatedly with conviction and passion. Have consistent persistence and become a master of the three fundamentals of success:

  • Communications
  • Leadership
  • Relationships

Hope you found an applicable treasure in today's short blog!

-Dr. Clayton


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