Add This to Your Dr's Report and Covert More New Patients!

In a previous blog, I touched on the importance of having day one and day two procedures. When discussing this, I explained the importance of leading new patients for two two days where they first receive their initial consultation and exam followed by a group report where chiropractic is discussed in detail followed by an individual one-on-one session to discuss their findings and plan.

While there are many different ways to introduce new patients to chiropractic, the most important thing is having a procedure that works. While some chiropractors may choose to adjust on the first visit, I feel very strongly that patients are not ready for that on their first visit and that important content needs to be shared first.

One of the most important pieces of this day one and day two procedure, is the group report, also known as the doctor's report. This is an opportunity for your new patients to get to know you. While it is not the purpose of this blog to explain each and every segment of this presentation, I want to discuss what I feel is the most important part, your personal story.

I feel that my success in converting new patients is directly proportional to the energy I have put in to perfecting my personal story. The personal story can be done when opening or at the pre-close segment of your presentation. This story is what makes you real in the eyes of your potential patients. Remember that patients first need to trust you and know you before they buy from you, or in this case say yes to chiropractic care.

Having a well thought of personal story that you can share with your patients as the emotional piece or trigger is often what gets potential patients to say yes and climb on board. I cannot tell you how many times patients have told me that it was my story that got them motivated and inspired to begin care with me. Patients can often relate to your challenges, making you look approachable and understanding. I cannot stress how this personal story influences people and allows them to see eye to eye with you.

While it is great to present the science of chiropractic, always remember that patients buy into you more than they buy in to chiropractic. Patients want to know that you are authentic and that your passion is real. Speak the truth and lead your patients to health with your personal story.

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