How you start your day determines how you will end your day. In this short video, I share valuable insight into how this simple procedure sets your tone as well as the entire office's level of influence for the day. The morning huddle allows me to reconnect with my staff and set the tone for the day.  I make sure that my tone is one level above the tone of my most up-beat staff.  I want to make sure that every staff member comes out of the huddle in a better emotional state than the one they came in with.

This is also a great way to ensure that patients with special needs or circumstances are noticed on the schedule so they can be addressed or communicated to in the proper way.  There is nothing worse than forgetting about the fact someone has had a recent death in the family or on a better note, a recent success that needs to be addressed.

Do not miss this opportunity to create the mood for your day.  The universe will thank you in many ways and orient your day so more success and impact is granted to you and everyone in your sphere of influence.

Dr. Clayton


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