While some seminars serve as a waste of a weekend, dumping theoretical information in practical chiropractic brains, others light a fire within us and inspire us to go change the world. I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Dr. Roger Turner, taking his level 1, CATS (Cranial Adjusting Turner Style) workshop. I have to say I was blown away at the information, its practicality and how easy it was to learn and implement on Monday morning. This guy is an amazing chiropractor as you will see in this interview. Not only has he been practicing for 42 years, patients travel from across the world to go see him. That's right. Imagine the feeling of helping a non-verbal autistic patient speak again...without having to do a Kemp's Test or SLR. This guy is pure chiropractic! I know you will enjoy the interview.

For any of you interested in taking Level 1, Dr. Roger Turner is offering it to everyone on my list at any time for a special price of $777 (USD if in the US and CDN if in Canada), regular price: $899.   See, I've got your back!

To register for his seminars and get our discount, you need to contact his office directly at (705)792-1315.  Just mention Dr. Clayton Roach at Adjusting Attitudes.

You can check out other seminar dates at his website: www.catsworkshop.com

You can also download his concussion e-book here! (This is his patient website).

Always strive to be the best at what you do. Hope you enjoyed the interview.

Dr. Clayton

P.S. By the way, I do not get any monetary compensation for registrations. When you are as blown away as I was, you just want to tell everyone.  After all, it's all about our patients and changing more lives together!



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