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When is the last time you attended a technique seminar? We can talk about procedures, systems as well as how to convert and retain patients until we are blue in the face. The reality is, results are the way to creating massive practices.

While in school, I completed 32 continuing education seminars. My goal was to be a great adjuster and have the ability to change lives as soon as I got into private practice. I also noticed very quickly that I could not depend on the school to teach me how to adjust like a master. If it was to be, it was up to me! As my friends were busy studying for exams, I was attending weekend seminars with licensed chiropractors. Not only did this give me an edge adjusting techniques and skills, I also got to hang around and ask experienced chiropractors questions that would not have been answered in school.

My grades never suffered and my hands became wicked tools that were already changing lives in student clinic. When I graduated, I made a promise to myself that I would always keep the same enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new things.

Not too long ago,  I was attending a technique seminar I had waited a long time to attend. When I got there, I was appalled by what I saw. Amongst the attendees were two older chiropractors, reading newspaper articles and magazines in the back of the room the whole weekend. When it was time to break out into groups for practical sessions, these two chiropractors would stay in the back and talk amongst themselves.

On top of being totally disrespectful, it also confirmed to me why we have so many challenges in our profession. While I try not to cast any judgment, I surely hope that my enthusiasm and inspiration for chiropractic never stoops that low.

Always be willing to learn and open to new things. That one thing you learn in a weekend seminar may change one of your patients lives the next morning. Never forget that!

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