Int his blog, I share the single most important part of your doctor's report. This converts more patients to care than anything else you will do during your Day 1 and Day 2 new patient procedures.

In this blog, I talk about how I transformed my website to a converting machine utilizing this very simple technique...

We were just about to have our busiest day in practice when I saw one of my newest CA was not on board. She was anxious and did not believe we could physically see that many people in one day.

When my CA approach me to tell me our Facebook ads were not working out, I urged her to look at our ROI spreadsheet we always keep for all marketing activities we do. My analysis of it stunned her. Needless to say, our Facebook ads were working great! Learn how to implement this strategy in your practice!

When it comes to marketing, you need to measure your ROI. This activity is a winner as it keeps producing new patients every time we do it in our practice! Enjoy!

I have written to you before on the importance of public speaking and incorporating public talks into your marketing plan.  Here is the number 1 tool we have used to help get as many talks as we get!

Today's blog is pretty short but powerful. After working with social media / internet marketing guru, Dr. Matt Loop, it has become really clear to me why Google Reviews are extremely important.

One of the best thing I ever did was master the art of public speaking. I have acquired more new patients through public speaking than any other type of marketing. It has been by far, the most cost-effective marketing I have ever done. The return on your investment is huge and patients come in already knowing you, trusting you and understanding chiropractic.  What else could you ever want in a new patient.

I quickly realized that I needed to develop or create more ways to get more talks. Here is what I consider my "Triple Crown" when it comes to getting more talks.


This insurance company contacted us and begged us to clear our schedule so we could do a public talk at their office.  Why were they so excited to have us? We were recommended to them by the CEO of a company we had talked to earlier and had managed to inspire and influence their entire workforce. The results at this talk were CRAZY!

Whe it comes to marketing, I always advise chiropractors to do what they love. It is important that the marketing you choose resonates well with your values and aligns with your vision and beliefs. There is one exception: public speaking.



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