In this quick video, I discuss how to create an amazing team that can help you achieve amazing levels of success.

In this video, I discuss how to avoid marketing based on panic and emotions and create an abundance of new patients every month!

In this blog, I discuss the 3 things I hate hearing my CAs say to my patients.

In this blog, I discuss the most important thing your office needs to do during busy times!

In this video blog, I discuss the pros and cons of hiring a CA from another office or one with previous experience. 

Check out my personal story as I use it in my Doctor's Report - Probably the most effective tool you will use to influence new patients!

In this video blog, I discuss how transitioning to group reports has changed my office and propelled it to an unprecedented level of success. 

In this blog, I discuss a great exercise my office performs on a regular basis in order to test our efficiency. Every office should do this!

In this short written blog, I discuss the importance of knowing how to gift your staff members and avoid the feeling that they do not appreciate what you do for them!

Int his blog, I share the single most important part of your doctor's report. This converts more patients to care than anything else you will do during your Day 1 and Day 2 new patient procedures.



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