In this blog, I discuss a great exercise my office performs on a regular basis in order to test our efficiency. Every office should do this!

In this short written blog, I discuss the importance of knowing how to gift your staff members and avoid the feeling that they do not appreciate what you do for them!

Int his blog, I share the single most important part of your doctor's report. This converts more patients to care than anything else you will do during your Day 1 and Day 2 new patient procedures.

In this very short blog post, I share a very simple office procedure that needs to be done the old way. Don't go digital with this.

This routing has become sacred. I do it every morning and would not go a day without doing it.

We were just about to have our busiest day in practice when I saw one of my newest CA was not on board. She was anxious and did not believe we could physically see that many people in one day.

When my CA approach me to tell me our Facebook ads were not working out, I urged her to look at our ROI spreadsheet we always keep for all marketing activities we do. My analysis of it stunned her. Needless to say, our Facebook ads were working great! Learn how to implement this strategy in your practice!

When I learned that my practice had grown 100K in 6 months compared to the year before, I sat down and thought about what had caused it. This reflection revealed very important information that has allowed to reproduce this success.

"Thank God you made these changes!" 

Sometimes we tend to complicate things and make things more difficult than what they really are. When it comes to a regular patient visit, what do you tell them? What do they expect you to tell them? We need have an impactful conversation that will influence the patient to continue to move forward in their care.



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