A simple call after the first adjustment. Watch this short video and discover how a very simple gesture and script can go a long way in creating a lifetime patient!

Are you stuck at a certain number of patients per week in your practice? Are you tired of trying to find the cause behind this sudden plateau? There is an exact science when it comes to breaking through a plateau.

In this short video, I share two reasons why growth can come to a sudden and frustrating stop. Don't beat yourself up and re-invent the wheel. Watch this short video and apply the concept.

In this three video series, I introduce the six keys to identifying the source of a plateau! Regardless of the number of patients you are seeing, I am certain you have already experienced a plateau where growth seemed to no longer be possible. If you have not experienced this yet, you surely will at one point.

The busiest practices are almost like great restaurants.  You can always tell it is a great restaurant by how many people are waiting outside to get seated.



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