In this video, I discuss the importance of retention in a chiropractic practice and how to master this skill.

In this blog, I discuss the most important thing your office needs to do during busy times!

Check out my personal story as I use it in my Doctor's Report - Probably the most effective tool you will use to influence new patients!

In this video blog, I discuss how transitioning to group reports has changed my office and propelled it to an unprecedented level of success. 

In this quick video, I dive into the new wave in patient communication that has helped many achieve killer retention numbers. Patient communication has never been studied this way...1200 patient interviews and counting. This is data worth listening to!

In this video, I talk about the importance of having a leveraged and hopefully video communication strategy that addresses your patient's emotions and allows them to say to wellness care for life. We have been telling the chiropractic story for a long time and our retention rate is still suffering.

In this second video of my 3 video series called "Mastering Retention", I discuss three major reasons why too many chiropractors depend on new patients due to poor retention.

In this quick first video of a three part series, I discuss the first step you need to take in order to have amazing retention.

This routing has become sacred. I do it every morning and would not go a day without doing it.

There are many things we come to tolerate over time in our practices that affect the level of success we get to achieve. One of these things is patients chronically missing appointments. Here is one of the best scripts to use with these patients!



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