In this short blog, I discuss what could be sitting in your investment portfolio that will have you feeling sick to your stomach.

In this second video of my 3 video series called "Mastering Retention", I discuss three major reasons why too many chiropractors depend on new patients due to poor retention.

In this quick blog, I discuss the lesson I received from Sir. Richard Branson as I watch him in an airport in the British Virgin Islands!

In this quick first video of a three part series, I discuss the first step you need to take in order to have amazing retention.

In this blog, I talk about how I transformed my website to a converting machine utilizing this very simple technique...

In this very short blog post, I share a very simple office procedure that needs to be done the old way. Don't go digital with this.

In this blog, I share a personal story about how I overcame a low point in my career as a chiropractor.

This routing has become sacred. I do it every morning and would not go a day without doing it.

We were just about to have our busiest day in practice when I saw one of my newest CA was not on board. She was anxious and did not believe we could physically see that many people in one day.

Check out this great testimonial for Adjusting Attitudes from a doc who got great results in his practice using our system. His results were amazing and his whole family is excited about the new balance he has in his life!



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