Busy Practice? Use This Effective Script with Every New Patient!

The busiest practices are almost like great restaurants.  You can always tell it is a great restaurant by how many people are waiting outside to get seated. Despite the wait, people return time and time again. When it comes to seminars, I guess you could call me a junkie. I always get a nugget or two that drive my practice upwards upon my return. Looking at my material from previous seminars, I was reminded of a great script. It is great for new patients entering a busy practice.

Using this script allows you to set the tone with new patients. You want to become the thermostat in your practice, not the thermometer. This script, when used with new patients, avoids problems down the road with patients thinking they are not given enough time to ask questions or have their concerns addressed. Hope you enjoy!

"My office is not an empty restaurant. When I travel, I can be gone as long as I want and I can always find a good restaurant because they are the ones that are always busy. My office is a really busy restaurant because we serve good food. If you ever need more of my time, we will be very accommodating. We cal always set up a phone consultations, lunch apts, evening apts etc., but during busy times/peak times, I keep it very convenient for your sake. It is during these times that I need to be 100% focus on what I do.

I want to be very respectful of your time so we try to keep your visits as quick as possible. If I can get you out the door 2 minutes quicker without compromising the quality of the care you are receiving. I will do that. I don't know about you, but I have enough stuff to do in my life that if I am going somewhere 3 times per week, I would rather these visits be 10 minutes each versus 45 minutes each if possible.

But, like I said, if you need extra time, I have a phone list every night that I call before leaving the clinic. I can put my feet up on my desk and talk until you feel we have answered the questions you had. This way, you have my undivided attention."

 - Dr. Clayton

P.S. I would love to give credit to the author of this quote, but I failed to take note of this at this particular seminar..


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