Chiropractors That Have This grow The biggest Practices! Do You Have It?

I have been wanting to write about this for a long time as I see many chiropractors using these two words interchangeably. Many people are motivated, while fewer people are actually inspired. When it comes to motivation, it is a short term boost that allows us to perform with more energy for a short period of time. Many of us have gone to seminars where the speaker was motivational and managed to get us off our seats, clapping and yelling out weird things into a crowd full of people. This technique is great to get people out of their shell, get them excited and raise their energy level. However, motivation is like the pill that wears off, quickly losing its effect until you take another one. I want you to consider MOTIVATION as being the short term fix/boost you need in order to accomplish something.

Many times, motivation is used to get you to accomplish something you don't even care about. You need to be careful as it is easy fall for the hype of a seminar and what it is selling you, leaving you motivated to do something that is not congruent in your heart. In other words, motivation can lead you to do things without having you ask why, leading you in a direction that does not really matter to your heart. When you are motivated, you are doing what you are supposed to be doing rather than following what your sole is emanating.

Inspiration on the other hand, is something that cannot be thought or bought at a seminar. Inspiration is actually why you are doing what you are doing. Without a deep exploration as to why you are doing what you are doing, motivation becomes your only source of fuel, leaving you scattered and running for the next so-called opportunity. When you are inspired, you have a burning desire to do what you were called to do. When you find your inspiration, your why, you are laser focus, gaining, not spending energy as you fulfill your life's mission.

If you find yourself procrastinating and looking for outside motivation in order to get you to accomplish a certain task or project, know that you are absolutely not inspired to do it. When you are inspired, things are effortless. This is why inspired chiropractors always have the biggest practices as their inspiration is infectious and attracts people from far and wide.  Inspired chiropractors are laser focused on what they do and truly feel it is a calling, not a job. In their minds, chiropractic chose them and not the other way around. Inspiration breathes confidence and conviction. When you have this, your ability to influence people and patients is amazing, allowing you be attractive and have a thriving practice. 

If you are constantly having to take your motivation pill because you are not inspired to do what you do, patients will also lose their motivation in chiropractic and seek another opportunity that promises them better results. Your level of success is directly proportional to your level of inspiration. Which one will you choose? Your future depends on it!

Dr. Clayton


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