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“I’ve been searching for years for the ultimate education and retention tool for my patients.  I tried the 12 pamphlet handout  system…but we could not stay consistent.  We tried the t.v. monitors, but this was incongruent for patients on different schedules.  I knew it had to be electronic, easy to implement and totally automated.  When Dr. Roach showed me his new “Adjusting Attitudes” program, I immediately knew this was the system to revolutionize the Chiropractic industry.  I implemented it into my practice and got raving reviews from my patients.  A continuous drip education to help my patients get the big idea, refer others and stay on lifetime wellness care.  Thank-you Dr. Clayton for taking the time and energy to produce such an award winning game changer!”

Dr. Mike Reid - Chiropractic Maters International
Chiropractor, Coach and International Speaker