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Do you have a crystal clear vision of what your practice is doing in the next year? One of the things that my office has done is create a year-long marketing calendar that is available for everyone to see. I am a firm believer that what is out of sight, is out of mind. 

In our administrative area, we have a huge 12 month calendar that has every single event on it. We include things such as screenings, direct mail dates, corporate lectures, internal promotions, monthly themes, all promotions and launches, dinners with the doc etc. I love to have the ability to see the entire year. Every marketing pillar activity is a different color and our staff loves it as it allows them to see you when they need to start preparing for the events.

Right next to it, is our weekly and monthly goals. This allows us to quickly see if we are on track with our goals and how many new patients each event needs to bring in for that month. When you know how many new patients you need from an event, you inadvertently attract that number. Law of attraction at its best!

By having a yearly marketing calendar, you avoid the need for a marketing rush when numbers in your practice go down and the coasting attitude when numbers are up. This calendar allows my office to market on a regular basis and not have to worry about the ups and downs. 

Every event on the marketing calendar is evaluated for its return on its investment. With no emotions in play, this is  how we decide whether an event will happen again or not. 

A yearly marketing calendar is the beginning step towards having an abundance of new patients coming into your practice. When creating one, have fun and be creative. Our patients always comment on how fun our office is. There are no rules. Dare to be different and create a yearly marketing calendar that you look forward to following and brings excitement the entire year!




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