Effective Script For Patients Who Miss Appointments!

There are many things we come to tolerate over time in our practices that affect the level of success we get to achieve. One of these things is patients chronically missing appointments. While it is easy to dismiss this and not have a heart to heart with that patient, I suggest you take action and become the health leader you say you are.

Missed appointments inevitably lead to lack luster results and a dissatisfied patient. Here is the kicker...

When that patient discusses his or her experience with chiropractic care and the fact that results were not attained;

1. They will not mention they missed most of their appointments and

2. They will mention the name of the chiropractor who failed to get them results.

Dr. Larry Markson has one of the most effective scripts to use with these patients! Ready? Here it is!

"I was dreading talking to you about this because I like to be loved, but you have missed more appointments than you have made. One day, you will quit and tell your friends that you didn't get well under chiropractic care and you will mention my name. I would rather not keep you as a patient than fail to get you results. So what could I do or say to get you to commit to chiropractic care and get the results you told me you wanted to get?"

Short, yet so effective!



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