The Flaws of Perfection

I think one must agree that there are many factors that determine the level of success of a chiropractor.  To be clear, when I say success, I am talking about ones own and honest definition of the word.  I say this because many people in our profession push their own definition of success upon others and classify people as successful or unsuccessful based on their own set of values. Enough of that...

While this article could go on and on about the multitude of factors, traits, caracteristics, values, marketing strategies, techniques, office policies etc that make success probable, I will stick to what I feel is the most important concept.  One night, I was watching the popular and my favorite T.V. show "Shark Tank" and I heard Mark Cubin say something really profound that hit me straight in the chest.

"Perfection is the enemy of profitability!"

Perfection holds us back. I remember learning a lunch and learn presentation and repeating it night after night and waiting until it was perfect in order to start calling companies in my area.  When I finally landed my first lunch and learn, I was ecstatic.  I got up in front of everyone and totally blanked. Not knowing what to do or say, I went deep inside and spoke from the heart, guessing somewhat what I had to say based on the slides that came up. This talk was far from perfect and will stay in my head forever. Why? Because I booked 90% of the room for new patient appointments and learned a valuable lesson.

If you are waiting to implement something in your clinic because you don't know it cold yet, you need to let go of your infatuation with perfection. Near perfect is ok.  If you believe perfection is a destiny, you will quickly run out of gas as every mile conquered reveales what can still be improved.

Believe in constant improvement and let go of the cement boots that is perfection.  Put it out there and focus on improving it everyday, whatever it is!


Dr. Clayton


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