The Key To Booking More Talks

I have written to you before on the importance of public speaking and incorporating public talks into your marketing plan. We have been doing public talks for a long time and have found them to be extremely effective at getting new patients and spreading the chiropractic message to many. They are also great from the standpoint that they allow you, the speaker to start a relationship with your potential new patients. They get to know who you are, what you stand for and more importantly begin to trust you.

The challenge is getting public talks booked. This is where we have concentrated our energy and created systems that work. Besides having a full time "PR" person dedicated to booking my talks, we have created a public speaking websites that companies can visit once we have made the initial contact. This website has been amazing to close the deal.

This website allows a company or the wellness committee of a company to see that we are not only professional but will be able to deliver on our promise. The website also showcases me speaking in front of a group and the many testimonials we have had over the years.You are going to become the go to speaker for wellness in your area, you need a website saying exactly that. Would you practice chiropractic without a website for your practice?

The purpose of this blog is to create value so I have inserted a link to our website. Feel free to ask questions. We have had several requests to sell copies or similar designs of our website. We are considering offering this service to those of you who would love to have a public speaking website for a very reasonable price. Let me know if this is something you would be interest in.

Check out the website here!



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