Whe it comes to marketing, I always advise chiropractors to do what they love. It is important that the marketing you choose resonates well with your values and aligns with your vision and beliefs. There is one exception: public speaking. This is the number one, quickest way to become a leader and expert in your town or community. It allows you to educate, influence and inspire a group of people at once. It also allows people to know you and trust you, which are the two necessary elements that preceed them making an appointment with you.

Feared most after death, public speaking is often pushed aside. While being comfortable is easy, it is the kiss of death. Growth definitely happens outside the comfort zone and pubic speaking is no exception. If you want to grow your practice to the next level quickly, start educating 1 to many instead of 1 to 1. Step out and become the leader your community has been waiting for. If you don't share the chiropractic message, what information will your community members use to inspire them to health? Be THE one!

Dr. Clayton.


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