Your value system drives your everyday decisions and creates the lens through which you understand and perceive life. Identifying what your values are is the key to being authentic and creating the framework you need to make decisions and stay true to who you are. We are presented with many opportunities every week that we must either say "NO" or "YES" to. This decision can impact our future and many times our quality of life. 

You must learn to say "YES" or "NO" based on your values and let these be the compass that guides your decision process. When you fully understand and own your values, you eliminate the gray and see decision as black or white. 

Caution: Make sure these values are actually yours. Too many times we rob ourselves of massive success due to values that were injected in us over the years by people we surrounded ourselves with.

This is the number one thing I did to create success in my practice and in my life!


Dr. Clayton.



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