2 Master Skills for Abundance

It is widely known that many of us as humans create various goals and have dreams and aspirations about abundance. Whether we talk about health or financial freedom, the recurring theme is abundance. How does one create abundance in his or her life?

Like anything, abundance comes from mastering skills, in this case, 2 skills:

1. Science of Achievement

2. The Art of Fulfillment

It is widely apparent and many examples are available of people who have mastered the science of achievement, have amassed many beautiful things in their lives, but are miserable. The reason, they are miserable is because they failed to master the second skill; The Art of Fulfillment. On the other hand, many people have not achieved much in their life, yet feel fulfilled in many areas of their life.

While it is not the purpose of this short blog to go into details about each skill, I can tell you that in order to have abundance, one must master both. In chiropractic, there are many skills we can acquire and discover in order to master the science of achievement and have a successful practice and change lives. Whether this is a technique you master, increase your business acumen, acquire leadership skills etc, your practice's success is a reflection of your effort amd growth as an individual. 

Now that you have mastered the science of achievement, are you fulfilled with everything you have manifested in your life? Here is the key to being fulfilled. When your result matches the blueprint for success you had in your mind, you will feel fulfilled. If however, the result you have in your life falls short of the blueprint you had in your mind, you will not feel fulfilled.

Example: If your blueprint for success was to have $10M in the bank at 45 years of age and you only managed to accumulate $2M at 50 years of age, your chances of feeling fulfilled are slim to none. 

The key to fulfillment is to first evaluate your blueprint and decide if it truly you and what you desire. If your blueprint is merely impossible to attain, you may find yourself achieving great things, but never feeling fulfilled.

When is the last time you took the time to create or re-evaluate your blueprint for success. If you don't have one, how will you judge your success and how do you ever expect to feel fulfilled? 3% of the population actually does the work to map out their life and question what everyone else doesn't. Maybe it is time for you to put pen to paper and decide what you will tolerate, what you will accept and design your life as you want it before someone else does!

-Dr. Clayton


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