Discover the story behind Adjusting Attitudes.


Education: We strive to create a unique educational experience using technology and engaging content that allows patients to grow and fully understand chiropractic. 

Relationship: We build long-lasting relationships with our clients so that they may do the same with their patients.

Growth: Our system allows our clients to grow their practices and their impact on their community and the world.

Communication: We use effective communication to help guide patients to a full and comprehensive understanding of chiropractic so that they become lifetime chiropractic advocates.

Innovation: We promise to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to patient education.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide the most innovative, cutting edge and engaging patient education experience using state of the art technology and paradigm-shifting content.

Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to educate chiropractic patients worldwide and help chiropractors achieve tremendous success and practice growth using our system for the ultimate patient education experience.


A world where chiropractors are leveraging patient education for success and growth, living balanced lives and providing exceptional service and education to people seeking answers to true health and extraordinary lives.


  • Every chiropractor should be successful and able to grow the practice of his/her dreams.
  • Every chiropractor should have amazing retention, converting endless number of patients to lifetime advocates of the chiropractic lifestyle.
  • Every patient has a right to receive exceptional education and know the truthabout chiropractic.
  • Patients should not be sold lifetime or wellness care but rather be given information so compelling and powerful that they make their own decisions to continue their chiropractic journey into wellness care.

Dr. Roach Speaking Engagement

Dr. Clayton Roach has been entertaining audiences of all sizes for the past 10 years. His public speaking skills are refined and effective. He has an ability to engage his audience with carefully chosen stories, creating a roller coaster ride of emotions for his listeners. He loves to speak on topics such as patient education and communication, Emotional Mapping, and how to enhance retention. These allow you to maximize what you spend on marketing for new patients and your impact in your community.

As a speaker, I bring authenticity and transparency in order to connect with my audience. I believe that every presentation should be an amazing experience for the listener. Not only should the audience learn something, but they should leave with a different perspective that inspires them to take action. I always challenge what is known, and bring light to what is not. My goal is to leave my audience thinking. Thoughts are the ingredients that inspire change. – Dr. Clayton Roach

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My Story

In 2005 I began my journey to building a successful chiropractic practice. Although my degree granted me the opportunity to serve, I quickly realized that it did not guarantee my success. During my studies I made every effort to acquire all of the knowledge that I needed in order to be successful and become great at adjusting. I attended over 60 postgraduate seminars while in school and spent hours at technique clubs that were held at night after regular classes. Knowing that chiropractic was also a philosophy, I also made sure to read and listen to the greats of our profession talk about what it means to be a chiropractor. Feeling comfortable in what I had accomplished and done during my studies, I set out to build a successful chiropractic practice. This is when I made an important realization.

I had acquired all of these skills to change people’s lives and enlighten them about the power of chiropractic, but I had no idea how to bring in new patients. Utilizing student debt and passion as motivation, I set out to speak the truth about chiropractic and step out of my comfort zone to reach the people in my community so that they could hear my message. I wanted them to know what I knew about chiropractic. With conviction, passion and persistence I mastered the skill of new patient acquisition—in some months acquiring over 100 new patients—but now I had another problem.

It did not take me long to realize that although acquiring new patients was fun and challenging, keeping them and converting them to wellness care was just as important. I noticed very early on that people were eager to learn. People want to know more and to feel empowered about their health. I believe that the medical profession has done a great job at disempowering people by telling them that they were born to be sick and therefore can do nothing about changing their health status. I set out to inform, educate, guide, empower and coach my patients to better health. I developed educational models within my practice that guide my patients along their journey to better health. I structured every visit to have something empowering to say or discuss. What happened next was amazing.

Patients started asking if they could refer their friends and family members to my practice. They started to become involved in my mission to bring chiropractic care to the masses. An ounce of effort was turning into a pound of success. I started attracting more patients and keeping the ones who referred them. I knew I was on to something huge, something that could have a massive impact on the profession. Adjusting Attitudes had just been conceived.

Today, I enjoy a successful chiropractic practice that is engaging and allows my patients to discover, learn and apply various concepts about health and wellness. I feel I am now a true educator, one that guides and empowers his patients to better lives. Adjusting Attitudes is the most comprehensive, interactive patient education system the profession has ever seen. Although now more sophisticated and technologically relevant, it uses the same principles that I used to grow the practice of my dreams. The delivery system is unparalleled and will propel your practice to enormous success. It will allow you the leverage needed to create the practice of your dreams while maintaining balance in your life. I look forward to your prosperity.