In this video, I discuss a great marketing idea my staff came up with that yielded 30 new ones!

In this short video, I share the importance of balancing your promotions in your office so their is equal asking and giving!

In this video, I talk about a killer technique you should use every time you close a lecture.

In this video, I discuss how to avoid marketing based on panic and emotions and create an abundance of new patients every month!

In this short video, I discuss a great way to open your next presentation and engage your audience from the beginning.

In this blog, I discuss the best way to avoid the ups and downs in new patient flow and how to create a new patient machine in your practice.

In this blog, I discuss the most important thing your office needs to do during busy times!

In this video, I discuss my favorite marketing activity - Annual Patient Appreciation Dinner! It is by far one of the top events we do in our office in terms of ROI.

Check out my personal story as I use it in my Doctor's Report - Probably the most effective tool you will use to influence new patients!

In this quick blog, I give the link to my clinic's website so you can check out our intro video that sits on our home page. It converts like crazy!



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