In this short video, I discuss the importance of confronting your patients with love so they don't compromise their chances of having life saving results!

In this video, I discuss exactly what to say when patients are compromising their own care and results. Don't blame yourself!

In this video, I discuss and expand on my favorite quote from Tony Robbins and how it is so important for us as chiropractors.

In this video, I explain the importance of really understanding WHY patients are in your office. This is probably the most important thing to grasp from your health history.

In this short blog, I discuss the 2 Master Skills for Abundance.

In this blog, I discuss the most important thing your office needs to do during busy times!

In this blog, I discuss the best and quickest way to grow your practice.

In this blog, I discuss how looking at your own life and assessing your own behaviors can reveal amazing insight into the type of patients you attract in your practice.

In this video blog, I discuss the pros and cons of hiring a CA from another office or one with previous experience. 

In this short blog, I discuss what could be sitting in your investment portfolio that will have you feeling sick to your stomach.



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