When I learned that my practice had grown 100K in 6 months compared to the year before, I sat down and thought about what had caused it. This reflection revealed very important information that has allowed to reproduce this success.

When it comes to marketing, you need to measure your ROI. This activity is a winner as it keeps producing new patients every time we do it in our practice! Enjoy!

There are many things we come to tolerate over time in our practices that affect the level of success we get to achieve. One of these things is patients chronically missing appointments. Here is one of the best scripts to use with these patients!

I have written to you before on the importance of public speaking and incorporating public talks into your marketing plan.  Here is the number 1 tool we have used to help get as many talks as we get!

Today's blog is pretty short but powerful. After working with social media / internet marketing guru, Dr. Matt Loop, it has become really clear to me why Google Reviews are extremely important.

Sometimes we tend to complicate things and make things more difficult than what they really are. When it comes to a regular patient visit, what do you tell them? What do they expect you to tell them? We need have an impactful conversation that will influence the patient to continue to move forward in their care.

A simple call after the first adjustment. Watch this short video and discover how a very simple gesture and script can go a long way in creating a lifetime patient!

What are you presently doing to ensure the biggest majority of your patients convert to wellness care? Do you have system that is reproducible, effective and leverages the most up to date technology? Learn more about Adjusting Attitudes.

Are you stuck at a certain number of patients per week in your practice? Are you tired of trying to find the cause behind this sudden plateau? There is an exact science when it comes to breaking through a plateau.



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