In this short video, I share two reasons why growth can come to a sudden and frustrating stop. Don't beat yourself up and re-invent the wheel. Watch this short video and apply the concept.

In this three video series, I introduce the six keys to identifying the source of a plateau! Regardless of the number of patients you are seeing, I am certain you have already experienced a plateau where growth seemed to no longer be possible. If you have not experienced this yet, you surely will at one point.

In this exclusive Adjusting Attitudes interview, Dr. Matthew Loop, social media genius, author, chiropractor and serial entrepreneur shares valuable insight into what every chiropractor should know about social media and marketing in order to be successful.

The busiest practices are almost like great restaurants.  You can always tell it is a great restaurant by how many people are waiting outside to get seated.

Retention is a crucial part of growing the practice of your dreams and is an art that can definitely be mastered. In this blog, I discuss one of the easiest techniques you can use in order to improve your retention!

In this short video, I discuss and summarize the most crucial steps that precede success in a chiropractic practice.

One of the best thing I ever did was master the art of public speaking. I have acquired more new patients through public speaking than any other type of marketing. It has been by far, the most cost-effective marketing I have ever done. The return on your investment is huge and patients come in already knowing you, trusting you and understanding chiropractic.  What else could you ever want in a new patient.

I quickly realized that I needed to develop or create more ways to get more talks. Here is what I consider my "Triple Crown" when it comes to getting more talks.


In this video, I discuss the most important thing you can put on one of you clinic walls.

This is often the missing link behind a practice that is not thriving and experiencing growth. Find out the secret recipe behind every successful chiropractic practice.

In this short video, I give you the master key to making decisions in your life and in your practice. Having this master key makes it easier for you to say "YES" or "NO"!



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