What is Adjusting Attitudes?

Adjusting Attitudes is a revolutionary video-based patient education system. It is a curriculum approach to educating your patient for a lifetime of chiropractic care. The 40 videos guide your patients through an engaging educational experience that will shift their beliefs about health and wellness. This results in unprecedented retention and compliance, allowing the patient to experience the true benefits of chiropractic care, and the chiropractor to achieve massive practice growth.

How are these videos delivered?

What makes this system so powerful is the programming behind it. All you have to do is enter a patient's email and they will automatically start to receive the videos. You also get to set and alter the frequency with which your patients receive these videos so that it can be changed with the patient's care plan. The resolution automatically adjusts to all devices for viewing with the highest quality possible.

Can I include my branding colors and logo?

Absolutely. When setting up a new patient with Adjusting Attitudes you will be able to select the colors of your brand by choosing the specific color codes associated with it. These are the codes that all designers use when creating a brand and communicating with printers. You will also be able to include your logo so that every email is personalized and represents your brand and clinic.

What is discussed during these videos?

Consider Adjusting Attitudes your behind-the-scenes educator. The curriculum is designed to take your patients from day one in your office to saying “yes” to wellnesscare. Early videos concentrate on basic concepts such as the new patient exam, Report of Findings, adjustments, subluxations, stress and safety to name a few. Later videos expand on more complex discussions about health and wellness, the immune system, pediatric care, etc. Nothing has been left behind. Paradigms will shift and patients will understand that a lifetime of chiropractic care is the answer to optimal health and wellness.

Will my patients remain engaged?

Yes. Many hours have been spent designing animations and capturing footage that brings these videos to life. Every concept introduced in these videos is accompanied by a visual demonstration that allows the patient to fully appreciate and understand what they have learned. Video testimonials of patients have been added throughout the series in order to engage and foster belief that optimal health is not merely a dream but a possibility with chiropractic care.

Do I need to show all 40 videos?

No. Adjusting Attitudes is fully customizeable. You can omit videos from the series as well as alter their sequence. For example, existing patients may not need to see the videos explaining the new patient exam and report of findings. If you do not see children in your office, you could omit the video on pediatric care. Adjusting Attitudes was designed to represent your vision and allow your office and patients to grow like never before

How will I keep track of where patients are with the videos?

Simply. The reporting section of Adjusting Attitudes allows you or your CA to see which videos have been viewed. Watching a particular video gives the patient the ability to view the next one in the series when it is sent to them. The report will clearly indicate how many videos have been sent to a particular patient and how many of those have been viewed. This gives you the ability to maintain contact with patients and troubleshoot any issues that they may have. This report allows you to keep your patients accountable and on top of their education.

What is my commitment as a chiropractor?

Your commitment as a chiropractor is to offer the best education possible to your patients, and Adjusting Attitudes allows you to do just that. We offer a one year contract with a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, which will allow your office to experience the buzz and success that will be created by Adjusting Attitudes with no risks. You can choose our monthly membership or pre-pay for the year for a 10% discount. Your patients will enjoy it and will be eager to learn more and expand their consciousness surrounding health and wellness. Your investment is minimal and the impact on your patient's lives, your community and your office will be amazing.

Why Adjusting Attitudes?

Along with new patient acquisition skills, patient education that leads to better retention creates practice growth. Unfortunately, table talk is often about what patients did on the weekend, weather, news and other topics incongruent to shifting paradigms and creating lifetime patients. We often delay patient education when busy and running behind schedule, negatively impacting the end result and the patient's overall experience. Every visit counts and each minute is a valuable opportunity to educate the patient on our table. Patients pay for the experience. Let Adjusting Attitudes make it an unforgettable one

Am I right for Adjusting Attitudes?

If you are a wellness-based chiropractor or at a point in your career where you are considering shifting to this type of practice, Adjusting Attitudes is for you. There are many great programs that offer excellent insight and tools regarding new patient acquisition. The problem is that without proper and consistent education, many of these patients fall out of care when their symptoms leave. Patient education needs to be automatic and not just when you think about it or when you see that you have extra time to spend with a patient. Adjusting Attitudes fulfills your commitment to educate your patients and give them an unbelievable patient experience.