The Ultimate Patient Retention Scripts
Retention System Series
Adjusting Attitudes is our membership program. It’s a scientific-based done-for-you communication system that addresses the emotional journey, educates your patients and is extremely easy and efficient to run with any system. Its comprised of 40 high-end and engaging videos that automatically get delivered via email at the right time, coinciding with the emotional touch points and addressing the associated emotions.
While this program has proven to be extremely efficient and powerful, we received several requests from chiropractors like you to create a smaller version for people who were interested in getting a taste of what this product offers. So, here is what we did. We took 6 of our scripts that we felt were crucial in converting a new patient as well as planting a great seed for wellness care and made them readily available for a ridiculously small fee of $6.97. Welcome to The Ultimate Patient Retention Scripts.

6.97 USD

What's Included

  • 6 amazing scripts from our Adjusting Attitudes membership program in PDF and Word formats.
    • Consult/Exam
    • Report of Findings
    • Foundational Principles of Chiropractic
    • Anatomy
    • Subluxations
    • Causes of Subluxations
  • step by step implementation guide.
  • 2 follow-up videos giving you further insight and help in order to implement this program with ease
  • unlimited access to me by email
  • staff/doctor scripting to introduce this system to your patients with ease
  • a BONUS script every chiropractor should have for when patients go through a relapse.

The Benefits

  • Increased new patient conversions to over 85%
  • Increased wellness conversions to over 90%
  • Increased referrals – 2-5 new patients per month
  • Increased PVA to 80
  • Lower overhead by 10-15%
  • Creates killer retention
  • First product to address the Emotional Journey
  • Based on proven technology called Emotional Mapping
  • No need to change your internal or external office procedures and technique
  • And more…